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                              WHERE THE LORD IS OUR SPECIAL INGREDIENT!
from the Owner
I am so glad you took the time out to stop by and check us out here at Mautry's Praise Catering. We would love
 to cater and handle all of your food requests at your event. I encourage you to look at our menu and give us a call, to place your order.
Thank you,
from all of us at
Mautry's Praise Catering!
Marlene Ashford -Owner
Marlene Ashford began her interest in the the art of baking and cooking as a little girl. It all started in the kitchen of her Great Aunt Bernices' home on 22 Cady Street. On the westside of Rochester, NY is where it all began for her. One Early Sunday while listening to spirituals and searching the cupbards she decided to cook breakfast for her family. Flapjacks was her first meal and served with perfection! Little did Marlene know that those very same flapjacks would still be requested by customers 20years later in Raleigh NC.
Raleigh is where she contiued her culinary career at The Gallery working as a Garde Marge Chef under the Supervision of Chef Tim.
She continued on independently and incorporated her own non-profit business called Taking It To The Streetz Inc. Where she worked hard to feed the homeless and recruited Officers from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to feed the less fortunate in the metro area of Wake Co.
She branched over to another avenue in the food industry and began Mautry's. A company that specialized in food preparation and meal delivering services. Constructing menus, preparing meals and delivering them to families that did not have the time to prepare meals for thier families at home is what she enjoyed doing.
She would not be where she is today without the apprenticeship of Praise Catering, owned by the late Chef Paulette Roberson. Unfortunately her mentor died of cancer in 2013. Then is when she decided to change the name of the business from Mautry's to Mautry's Praise Catering in honor of Chef Paulette. Today Marlene resides in Rochester NY where she continues to serve her community with food made with the love of God.